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Elena Martin

Brightening up the online user experience since 2011

Hi! My name is Elena, and I’m a little obsessed with design. UX design, website design, branding design, print design, interior design… if it has “design” in the title, I’ve probably tried it.


Many designers would shy away from such a technical field, but to me, conducting user research and using the conclusions to inform your designs just makes sense. User research can get a little complicated sometimes, but the results are extremely valuable to any design. UX design is efficient, interesting, challenging, satisfying, and most importantly: fun!

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Design Fields

What I Do

Although I have varying amounts of experience in many different areas of design, these are the fields that I am the most well-acquainted with.

User Experience

- Wireframing

- Prototyping

- Data Analysis

- Data Visualization

Website Design


- JavaScript

Digital Design

- Print Design

- Branding Design



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