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Elena Martin

Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, I have relocated to Arizona to pursue a BS in Graphic Information Technology (User Experience) at Arizona State University. To me, User Experience is so much more than just making a website or coding a program. As its name suggests, it is about creating an experience; telling a story, making a point, or teaching a lesson through a growing variety of engaging methods such as game design, interactive web design, and even musical accompaniment. I am passionate about every single one of these methods, and I look forward to applying my skills and interests to a career within a creative industry.

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My designs are always growing and changing!

All of my best posters, logos, branding,

and even some digital illustrations!

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B.S. in Graphic Information Technology (User Experience)

Arizona State University - Fulton School of Engineering

Class of 2021

more specifically, i have studied:

- Graphic Design

- Print Production/Design

- User Experience Design

- Video Editing and Production

- Motion Graphic Design

- Audience Research and Development

- Information Design and Usability

- Social Media Analysis

- Human Systems Integration

- Intellectual Property & Copyright

- Website Design


- Design History

- Data Visualization

- Infographic Design



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