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Hi, my name is Elena, and I'm addicted to mood boards.

As a person who is constantly looking for photos online, mood boards have never really been a stranger to me. They pop up everywhere, especially on Pinterest. So why am I suddenly obsessed with them?

In one of my classes, we're talking about personal branding, which I adore. Branding has been and always will be my one true love. So I really threw myself into this class. One of our most recent assignments was to develop our own personal branding, which included, you guessed it! A mood board.

Now, I already had personal branding. You can see it on this website. But I'm always down to improve and mix things up. I ultimately ended up with a perfected version of my current branding. Its "final form", if you will. Here's the final product:

I'm obsessed. I had so much fun making it, and I want to do it way more often. When I finally get my prices and commissions figured out, I would LOVE to offer custom mood boards to anyone who wants one. I'll probably make a few more for fun, so maybe keep an eye out for them on the blog (or my actual portfolio, if I'm feeling confident)!

One more thing: This is officially the longest I've kept up with a blog. Even though I know very few people read it (if any lol), I'm proud of myself for sticking with it for so long. I've been making websites for 10 years, and have never been able to keep up with one like this before.

TL;DR: New stuff coming to the website soon, and I'm pretty excited.

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